Kim Mitchell Reviews

Matt Mildenberg

As a first-time buyer, I was grateful for the experience and attention to detail that Kim was able to bring to our home buying experience. She helped us navigate the buying process from beginning to end effectively, and we are thrilled with our new home! -Matt and Shelby

Mick Scott

I was very nervous about buying a house for the first time. The whole project was overwhelming. But Kim was very soothing and patient. She walked me through all the steps, one by one, and reassured me when I was unsure. Now I'm in a wonderful house that has become my home.

Molly Leight

Thank goodness I had Kim to hold my hand in prepping and selling my house. I am not sure I could have done it without her patience and knowledge. I believe Kim is probably the top of the realtor market in her expertise of historic properties. Thank you, Kim!

Mark and Sarah Riney

When looking for a home to purchase in Winston-Salem, we specifically sought out Kim for her expertise in and enthusiasm for historic and pre-WWII homes. Kim's knowledge of both the local market and our needs was essential, as she was able to help us to narrow in on the most compatible neighborhoods and properties in a very short period of time. When we found our home, Kim was able to calmly - and successfully! - help us navigate a stressful multiple-offer situation. Even more amazingly, with her help, we were able to complete a 30-day out-of-town buyers...during the COVID-19 pandemic! We feel confident there is no way we would be in our house today without Kim's guidance. Mark and Sarah Riney

John Hauser

Thank you for the assistance you provided in selling the house and in purchasing the new residence. Your guidance on marketing, on negotiations, and on repairs was effective and efficient. Your skills made what is often a difficult process a very positive experience. Thank you for your professionalism and diligence. John Hauser.

David Rolfe

Kim Mitchell has sold two houses for me, and if I had a third I would call her in a heartbeat. Her warm and unhurried manner makes her seem more like an old friend that a high-pressure sales agent, but her deep knowledge of the intricacies of real estate and experience in the local market are invaluable. Kim was always easy to reach and responded quickly to any question or problem I encountered in preparing my houses for market, expertly guiding the sales of my properties to a successful conclusion. Whenever a friend needs to buy or sell a home, I always give them Kim's name. David Rolfe

Ed & Jackie Kennedy

My wife and I recently moved to the Winston-Salem area from Virginia. We received a recommendation from our daughter, who had used Kim Mitchell in a prior real estate transaction. We called and asked Kim to arrange for the showing of types of properties that fit our description of where and how we wanted to live. After only one day of house hunting, the type of home we were looking for emerged, and we presented an offer. It was a few months between the contract negotiations and the closing date. During this time Kim remained diligent, available and responsive to all of our questions and needs regarding the purchase. She was present on the day of closing for a final inspection of the property and the signing of all documents. Kim Mitchell receives our highest recommendation for her knowledge and expertise. She demonstrated the ability and willingness to provide customer satisfaction. Ed & Jackie Kennedy

Leslie Poole

More than 20 years ago, it was time for our newly expanding family to sell the small Craftsman-style, 1930’s house in Ardmore and move to a more country-style setting and a larger house. Based on recommendations from two friends, I contacted Kim Mitchell to track down possibilities for us (knowing her earlier successes with them). The house we bought out in Tobaccoville was the first or second one she showed us, after simply describing our needs and preferences to her. She was there to coach us through the process, ensure we were being treated fairly, and orchestrate all the “moving parts” associated with buying a house. With coaching from Kim, we also put the Ardmore house up for sale after moving. While Kim had predicted that she could sell that house within 30 days, in fact it was more like 30 minutes; the offer that was accepted was made during the first open house! Fast forward to this year, when I was ready to relocate from my rental house in the city, and I tracked down Kim again given our past experiences. She leapt into action, quickly gleaned through the first set of house tours what my current priorities were, and after just two weeks of more touring and sifting through her lists of suggestions, the offer was made and accepted (during the second tour) for what is now my *perfect* home! Efficiency, professionalism, deep knowledge about the realty business (and a whole plethora of other things) and a very positive, “can do” spirit make Kim a top choice when you need a realtor in this area! Leslie Poole

Mike Hill

When my elderly parents decided to put their home on the market, I didn't know where to start or how to ensure that an agent provide them with the kind of service they'd need. Kim Mitchell came highly recommended and went above and beyond what was expected. Kim provided my parents with 1st Class service...from the beginning of the process all the way thru closing. If you're looking for an agent that won't miss a detail and will be there for you throughout the process...Kim is the agent that you're looking for. Mike Hill

Myra Grozinger

"Kim Mitchell is not the first realtor I have worked with, but undoubtedly the most responsive and pro-active one. Anything I needed was already in the works, it seemed, and her smile, warm spirit, and full understanding of my needs and wants made buying a house a painless event. Her support and assistance were flawless. I selfishly hope that she continues to be successful, so if there is a next time I need a realtor she is there to do this with me again." — Myra Grozinger


Charles Fievet

"I chose Kim to be my agent when I was in the market to buy a house because of her experience and expertise in historical homes. After working with her, I felt that Kim really understood what I wanted in a house, didn't show me junk I wouldn't want, and didn't just try to sell me something at or right above my price limit, as others seem to do. I ended up with a 1918 Craftsman home that I couldn't have been happier with. Of course I used Kim again when I moved out of town and had to sell the house. I was halfway across the country while the house was on the market, and Kim kept an eye on it and let me know when something needed to be done. Thanks Kim!!!" — Charles Fievet

Rob Nikolai

"I hear people say that realtors are only out for the big commissions. If that's true, then Kim is really bad at this! With Kim it's not about getting the biggest commission, it's about sharing her love of historic homes. Kim has helped me buy the perfect home, buy the not-so-perfect home (and turn it into the perfect home), find the right income property and also sell. The best thing about Kim is she gets it. She takes time to understand your wants/needs and isn't shy about putting your expectations in check. She's smart about which improvements will increase the value of the property. She has an uncanny ability to see the potential (or lack there of) in every property. I've spent a lot of time with Kim standing in a hideous kitchen or outdated bathroom talking about the simple fixes that could make it awesome. But here's what sets her apart: she doesn't walk away and leave you hanging - if she throws an idea at you, she's "got a guy" that can help you with it. She's gotten preliminary costs on projects for me so that I knew what I was looking at before I even made an offer. Her follow through is impeccable -- 14 years after my first transaction I still call her for advice and she has never let me down. She has a true passion for historic properties and loves helping others discover their beauty and potential. Kim is THE realtor to talk to when it comes to historic properties. She's not a realtor, she's your best neighbor." — Rob Niccolai

Dave Snyder and Mark Flaherty

When we bought our home in the Washington Park neighborhood of Winston-Salem in 2009, Kim Mitchell was representing the seller. Over the next five years we got to know and enjoy Kim as a neighbor and friend. She was vigilant regarding zoning, safety and historic preservation issues in our neighborhood. When a late mid-life crisis and accompanying terrific job offer found us relocating to Guam, we needed to sell our beloved time-capsule, 1948 ranch ASAP. We didn’t hesitate to call Kim Mitchell. We were blessed in that we sold our house in 51 days - from first showing on August 2 to closing on September 22! We got an offer and requests to have contractors fix little things while we were in the United Kingdom and Ireland through most of September. Kim handled all of this with aplomb. She sensitively E-mailed or texted us whenever she really needed something. She was usually apologetic, careful she was not ruining our vacation. We were like, “We don’t care, let’s sell the house.” We actually signed our offer electronically from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean! When we returned from Ireland on September 20, we had had two-and-a-half days before we boarded the plane to Guam. During that brief window we closed on our home sale and picked up the check for our equity from the lawyer and invested it for our next home. We got 94 percent of our asking price! AMAZING! Some of it was luck, but a lot of it was due to the hard work Kim Mitchell put into the sale. She is detail oriented, careful, optimistic and professional. Contact her when you want to sell your home. Dave Snyder and Mark Flaherty

Judy Freeman

If you are seeking a Realtor knowledgeable and passionate about historic neighborhoods and the old houses in them, and if you want the help of someone who will do everything in her power to assist you in the purchase or sale of a home---choose Kimberly Mitchell. In working with me, Kim was consummately professional, sensitive to my inevitable stresses, quick to return phone calls (but not a bit invasive) and quick to follow up on a multitude of things needing realtor attention. Her knowledge of local resources is amazing. It is my belief that no one will better represent your interests than Kim Mitchell. Sincerely, Judy Freeman